About EBN Services


Our Mission

Since 1985 EBN Services has been thoroughly committed to meeting and surpassing your pinsetter parts and needs while providing an unconditional guarantee on all of your consumer requests.


My name is Edward Fox, the owner/operator of EBN Services. I have been in the business of servicing, repairing, and installing AMF and Brunswick pinsetters for over twenty years and operate with a specific approach in this ultra dynamic and ever changing field. From the start, I understood that an "unconditional guarantee" was the primary goal in the business, and is what makes EBN such a unique, specialized service company. If, at any time, there are questions, comments or concerns regarding the products/services that we offer, please call me directly so I can go through each facet of any individual product on a personalized level, directly with you, our customer!. Our service is not complete until you are 100% completely satisfied. Our customer's satisfaction is our primary goal!

Thank You,

Edward Fox